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Equalitopia (a portmanteau of equality and utopia) is an in-development web application that will organize and analyze LGBT data, news and laws around the world. Equalitopia was founded by Dan Leveille in December 2009 and does not have a set launch date.

Wikipedia initiative[edit]

As part of the first research phase of the project, Equalitopia will utilize Wikipedia's articles on LGBT rights by country or territory.

Equalitopia is asking volunteers to help improve Wikipedia's coverage of international LGBT rights, in an aim to:

  • Identify articles lacking verified citations and references
  • Expand existing articles
  • Create new articles for each of the countries and territories that lack an article about its LGBT rights

Volunteer to help[edit]

Equalitopia is in need of volunteers to improve Wikipedia's coverage of international LGBT laws.

If you'd like to help with the project, please contact Dan.

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