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Who are you?[edit]

Greetings, Wikipedia patron! I am Michael Warren, he who calls himself DarkHorizon.

I am an Astrophysics student, currently in the first year of my four-year MPhys course at the University of Liverpool, formerly of Merchant Taylors' School, Crosby.

My primary interests include reading, scriptwriting, Star Trek, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

(In case you hadn't noticed, I'm also somewhat of a Babylon 5 fan... :D)

What do you want?[edit]

Why are you here?[edit]

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Here is the place you are now, wherever that happens to be. In English, here can function as a pronoun, an adverb, and in some dialects as an adjective. It comes from Old English hêr, and as such is cognate with Latin cis, "on this side of".

It can be contrasted with there, which is somewhere else; and with anywhere, which theoretically includes both here and all possible theres; and with nowhere, which excludes both here and there.

Hither is the direction that leads to here. When you tell someone to come hither you are asking them to come in your direction. When you tell someone to come here you are asking them to come to your location. There is a difference. Similarly, hence means "from here". "Hence" also means "therefore", in which sense it expresses a figurative rather than literal meaning of "from here".

Omnipresence is one of the traditional attributes of God in monotheistic theology. It means that wherever you are, God is here.

Baba Ram Dass, the Hindu writer, wrote a 1971 book in which he advised his readers to Be Here Now.

If you are human, it is extremely likely that you are within the Virgo Supercluster, inside the Local Group and in that more specifically in a spiral arm of the Milky Way galaxy in the solar system of the Sun. You may be in orbit around earth, but more likely you are somewhere on or below the surface of it or submerged or in flight or are suspended above it by a human construction or natural entity or phenomenon.

I liked this article (from Here) so much, I decided to preserve it for future generations...

On Wikipedia, I mainly lurk, monitoring the Wikipedia: namespace more than anything else, and doing a spot of RC patrol for vandalism/copyvios/etc. (unless an admin beats me to it ;D - Being an admin elsewhere, I miss the rollback button here...).

To see the articles and information I have written for Wikipedia, check out My contributions, although these days it's mostly vandalism revertions.

Where are you going?[edit]


The Signpost
5 August 2017

Public Relations Department[edit]

Administration Department[edit]

(My personal copy of the old Community Information Directory)

Who do you serve, and who do you trust...?[edit]

You're most likely to find me at Memory Alpha, the Star Trek wiki, where I am an admin, and a substantative contributor.