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Finished Articles[edit]

These are the articles that I have created for Wiki. YesY

[Link to my wikicommons page]

Articles to finish[edit]

These are articles in the progress of being made:

Iris and other plants[edit]

/Iris x germanica
/Iris kamelinii
Section Oncocyclus
/Iris acutiloba ssp. longitepala
/Iris iberica subsp. lycotis (Woronow) Takht.
/Iris kirkwoodi (including I. calcarea)
/Iris lortetii Barbey ex Boiss.
/Iris mariae Barbey.
/Iris meda Stapf
/Iris nectarifera Güner
/Iris paradoxa Steven
/Iris petrana Dinsm.
/Iris polakii Stapf
/Iris sari Schott ex Bak.
/Iris schelkownikowii Fomin
/Iris sofarana Foster
/Iris sprengeri Siehe
/Iris susiana L. – Mourning Iris
/Iris swensoniana Chaudhary, G.Kirkw. & C.Weymouth
/Iris westii Dinsm.
/Iris yebrudii
/Iris dichotoma Pall. (Vesper Iris) formerly - Pardanthopsis dichotoma
/Iris pskemensis Hermactadydoies section
/Iris drepanophylla Aitch. & Baker (within Scorpiris section)
/Iris tadshikorum Vved ???? (both on pacific summary)
/Iris doabensis Mathew ????
/Iris biglumis Vahl
maybe /Iris aitchsonii (scorpiris section)
/Astrantia biebersteinii Fisch. & C.A.Mey.
/Astrantia colchica Albov
/Astrantia helleborifolia Salisb.
/Astrantia macrolema (Boiss.) Koso-Pol
/Astrantia ossica Woronow ex Grossh.
/Astrantia pauciflora Bertol.
/Astrantia pontica Albov
/Astrantia trifida Hoffm.
/Trattinnickia (plant species - started 27 March 2015)
/Rosa roxburghii (rose species - started 27 March 2015)
/Macronoctua onusta (Iris borer moth - started 15 December 2014)
/Limoniastrum guyonianum another species
/Limoniastrum monopetalum (L.) Boiss many,many internet references and articles
/Chonemorpha fragrans Frangipani vine
/Dorotheanthus (plant geus with livingstone daisy)
/Tulipa biflora
/Tulipa eichleri
/Tulipa fosteriana
/Tulipa greigii
/Tulipa hungarica
/Tulipa kaufmanniana
/Tulipa montana
/Tulipa praestans
/Tulipa urumiensis
/Tulipa vvedenskyi
/Callitriche hamulata

[project plants - many articles to do]

Botanists and others[edit]

Johannes Marius Cornelis (John) Hoog (1865-1950) Dutch botanist
/Eugène Pierre Perrier de la Bâthie French botanist (1825-1916) - Iris perrieri
/Paul Victor Fournier Botanist (1877–1964)
/Maria Antonietta (Maretta) Colasante (1944-)
/Lizzie Roper English actress, Hollyoaks and others
/Hans Wolfgang Limpricht (German botanist 1877– , brother of Karl Gustav Limpricht)
/V.M. Doronkin (botanist born 1950)
/Rear Admiral John Paul Wellington Furse (1904-1978 plant collector)
/Christopher Grey-Wilson (UK Botanist born in 1944)
/Franz Wilibald Schmidt (botanist (1764–1796)
/Agazi Asaturovich Achverdov (Russian botanist born in 1907-)
/Nina Vasilevna Mirzoeva (Russian botanist 1908-)
/Victor von Janka(botanist 1837-1900)
/Anatol I. Galushko (botanist 1926)
/Valery Ivanovitsch Grubov (Russian botanist 1917–2009)
/Hisao Migo (Japanese botanist born in 1900)
/Robert Crichton Foster (Botanist from 1904-1986)
/Charles Herbert Wright (American botanist known as C.H.Wright. (1864–1941))
/Marc Micheli (1844–1902 Italian botanist - started 13 December 2014)
/René Gombault (1871– started 25 November 2014)
/Robert Moore (English botanist - started 19 November 2014)
/Charles Gaillardot (French botanist 1814-1883 started 19 November 2014)
/George Penny (botanist) ( -1838, started 10 November 2014)
/Renato Pampanini (botanist 1875-1949 - started 22 October 2014)
Yu Tang Zhao (Chinese botanist 1932–2010 - started 20 October)
/John Edward Dinsmore (botanist 1862–1951 - started 20 October)
/Adil Güner (Turkish botnaist born in 1950 - started 20 October 2014)
/Henry John Noltie (born 1957 - started 17 October 2014)
/Walter Siehe (Iris botanist 1859-1928 - started 16 October 2014}
/George Hill Mathewson Lawrence (British Iris botnaist 1910-1978 - started 16 October 2014)
/Petr Petrovich Poljakov (Russian botanist (1902-1974)- started 11 October 2014)
/Tony Hall (English botanist - at Kew - started 7 October 2014)
/Arnis Seisums (botanist - started 7 October 2014)
/Paul Mouterde (French botanist 1892–1972 started 3 October 2014)
/Olga Fedtschenko russian botanist - mother of Boris - started 3 October 2014
/Alexandr Fedorovich Flerow (Russian botanist 1872-1960) - started 1 October 2014
/Nikolaj Adolfovich Butsch (Russian botanist 1869-1941) - started 1 October 2014
/Basil Binyon (1885-1977 pioneer of radio broadcasting - started 22 September 2014)
/Nikolai Vasilievich Pavlov (botanist 1893-1971 - started on 1 September)
/Cornelis Gerrit van Tubergen (botanist 1844-1919 - started on 21st August 2014)
/Georgi Ivanovich Rodionenko (botanist 1913-2014 - started on 16th August 2014)
/Alexei Vvedenski (Russian botanist - started on 8th August 2014)
/Ivan Ivanovich Abramov (Russian botantist - started on 8th August 2014)
/John Singleton (British Open Golf player - started 21 July 2014)
/Ropery (special rope making building - started 22 May 2014)
/Chalk and Channel way (cycle route - started 16 May 2014)
/Centaur (sailing barge) (started 22nd March 2014)
/Colin Wayne (fitness model) (started 15 March 2014)
/Geograph Channel Islands (sister project of Geograph) (started 28th January 2014)
/Geograph Deutschland (sister project of Geograph) (started 28th January 2014)

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