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"True peace is not merely the absence of tension: it is the presence of justice." - Dr. King.

Don't listen to those who hear about you, listen to those who know you.
This page is dedicated to the memory of Jeffpw, who passed away in 2008 and will be ever missed. In memoriam

Good morning! Dev is not my real name. I am female.

I started to edit Wikipedia in 2006, and used to be extremely active, then I left home to go to uni and discovered lots of other things to take up my time. I effectively retired in 2008, only returning to edit the odd article that I happened to see that needed improving.

2013, however, saw me working on a paid project on serial killers, and while I was looking them up over various language wikis, I realised that there were numerous articles, including on British and American serial killers, that had extensive entries on frwiki,eswiki,and dewiki that had no enwiki entry. I've recently started language learning on Duolingo, so I'm slowly putting articles on there for community translation and then creating them here.

So, after so many years away, I seem to have gone into article creation. Which is nice.



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See also My Prefix Index. Check out this gallery of breathtaking pictures I have found on my wikitravels.

Featured Stuff

Title Passed Comment
Jake Gyllenhaal October 9 2006 My first FA, written with some help from Never Mystic.
Austin Nichols November 25, 2006 Disgustingly short, though not for want of trying.
Latter Days December 31, 2006 My first film FA.
Trembling Before G-d March 15, 2007 Started as a Jumpaclass entry, but got carried away.
Andrew Van De Kamp March 30, 2007 I think the first FA on a minor television character. Since delisted because... well, I don't know. Some guy who had it in for me decided it violated MOS or something equally stupid.
List of gay, lesbian or bisexual people/A August 13, 2007 My first FL, and possibly my longest project - I started work in October 2006.

Also proud of Mr. Lady Records, which looked like this when I prodded it, and prompted editors to improve it to how it looks today. I wish all prodded article authors did the same.



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