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Professional software engineer in the video game industry. skeptic (to some extent, don't assume much by that statement). Avid weekend rock climber. Interested in many things.

I know how to bind books, repair bikes, punt, configure sendmail, and other things too. I really like finding primary sources.


I'll add more as I think of them.

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I have significantly contributed to the following wikipedia pages:



Ah, cool! Another book binder. I've been meaning to put up a page about that some day. --Pinkunicorn

Re LALR_parser ... yeah I'd grabbed the 1st edition Dragon Book. A later copy is around here somewhere, but you would not want to see my pile-o-books library scheme. Terminology evolves, c'est la vie. --User:Hornlo

Well I guess, but I'd still like to know what people are likely to mean by "LALR parser".