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logic maze.

I am a 27 year old currently residing in Lincoln, Nebraska.

My interests include:

I mostly contribute by spell-checking and removing superfluous links, mostly.

note: The logic maze page is my pet project. Please help if you can contribute.

Long overdue update: 2006.12.22

Most everything here is still current...but I guess I've been more active as of late. I've added Johannes Roussel ( to the appropriate request page. He's a brilliant electronic composer, I love his music and I generally don't even like techno. I highly recommend going to his page and downloading a few songs (Ether is a personal favorite).

Also, I'm pleased Weird Al now recognizes my nerdiness.

Pet peeves:

1. Unnecissary Links

Yes, no doubt we should take advantage of the wonders of hypertext and link a few pages, but for the love of God, link pages that are relevant!!!

2. The 'Influence Game'

This arose after my issues with The Matrix page, but I have seen it pop up in just about all pages on fictional works. The Influence Game is where people state what the influences of a fictional work are. This is always a sourceless endeavor, never really rising higher than speculation, and often containing several weasel words. Sometimes these supposed influences arise over superficial similarities; for instance, the novel Dune being listed as an influence to the film Tremors because there's big worms in it. It's enough to make me scream when three quarters of the article is devoted to this bullcrap.

If there really are some noteworthy similarities, it would make an interesting discussion on the talk page (maybe), but it has no place on the main article without a credible source.