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Franamax and a statue of a foot (Palazzo dei Conservatori, Rome, 1993).jpg
Francis K. J. Dechert known as Franamax on Wikipedia
Entered into rest November 25, 2012

"In remembering Franamax, I smile. He will be missed." Jimbo Wales

In mourning his death we remember his life, celebrating his legacy and our good fortune to have shared the honour of his association. RIP (condolences)

Franamax's sister has asked me to pass on the news of his death on 30 November 2012. He enjoyed his time here and was an active administrator and edit filter manager. CambridgeBayWeather (talk) 21:08, 30 November 2012 (UTC)

—Joined 26Aug07 and (mostly) enjoying the experience!

I have a particular interest in developing software tools to better make sense of the vast world that is Wikipedia. These tools will be available to all who ask. The projects I have developed and am working on are mentioned below and described further on their own sub-pages. All comments and suggestions are welcome.

wpW5 - searches page history to find out when the contents were changed. When you read "the Earth is flat" and wonder who put that in, use wpW5 to find out in seconds.

crPatrol - reads the new page creation log and checks to see whether the page was previously deleted.

lkScan - searches user contributions to find what external hyperlinks the user has added and removed in article pages.

anonEdits - scans the recent changes list to isolate edits made by specified anonymous IP addresses.

uContribs - scans user edits, slices and dices them in various ways to collate their participation in different areas of the project. This tool and lkScan share the same skin.

All tools are written with VC++ and run on Windows.

(Technical note - All these tools share the following features: use the "maxlag=5" parameter to minimise server load; are Unicode and UTF-8 compliant up to UTF-8 3-byte encoding, 63,488 possible characters; use local caching when possible to avoid repeated server requests; use the api.php interface where possible to maximise speed and reduce server load; and balance network, disk and CPU activity where possible to maximise overall speed)

My Sandbox - don't look in here! You'll just see all the things I'm too dumb to have figured out yet. Which would be the longest page of all...




Test pages
Page Purpose
/Test1 Vanmap testing - 4 plcs (reusable)
/Test2 Vanmap candidate template - needs followup
/Test3 test invocation of Test2 - used as demo?
/Test4 D - test part transclude of page
/Test5 D - test source of tcbl page
/Test6 North Ontario locator base (sets map parms)
/Test7 Testing symbols on Vanmap - reusable
/Test8 unit conversions - calls Test9 - probly reusable
/Test9 callable - trying to figure out deg/K conversion - probly reusable
/Test10 skew template using my OntNorth map - callable
/Test11 calls Test10 - testing pins in North Ont
/Test12 calls Test13 - testing pins for the mine template (chk linkshere)
/Test13 candidate template for wp:mining (check linkshere before chg)
/Test14 prototype of librarian template
/Test15 temp report, use permalink elsewhere before reusing
/Test18 test KML file
/Test essay draft of "How to avoid plagiarism"]]

Essay I started, now known as WP:FRIES and/or WP:Escalating alphabeticals which sounds more mellifluous and has fewer trans-fatty acids. :)
My user contribs at 01Nov09 and my request for adminship.
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SampleCSD Ucontribs Ucontribs-0.3a Ucontribs-0.3b Ucontribs-2009

I, Franamin, am a legitimate sockpuppet of User:Franamax. My account should be used for software testing purposes only. Franamin (talk) 06:02, 12 February 2009 (UTC)
I, Franamax, control the User:Franamin account, to be used for purposes of software testing. Franamax (talk) 06:08, 12 February 2009 (UTC)