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Gigatongatlingman (Often LightningKimba, Gigaton being a business name.) was born in the tranquil state of Florida. He's a big fan of cards and comics, and always caries a journal with him. He is known for his often childish thoughts and theories, as well.. he acts very panicky at certain times. He seems to have no qualms to letting himself get harmed for the greater good, and often insults himself to make a point. Oddly, he has a obsession with with writing fan fictions. Often times, however, he makes a vareity of comics, cards, and even his own games! His personality moves between two extremes. Normally, he's hyperactive, a bit girly, and often childish and innocent. Other times, he could be cold and arrogant. He has an affinity to electricity and napping, and often accuse of being a furry because of his behavior, which often leads people to think that's he's the human personification of the Pokémon, Shinx.


Kimba Watch[edit]

"Quite literary, a wrist-watch." - The Producer.

It's Kimba's wrist-watch, being water resistant for 165 feet, and is colored red and black. It's designed to be able to use the skill, "Disguise Change", a technique used in the Tales of the World series to become different people. This ability is limited to the use of capsules, which contain a figure, being the one that Kimba will become. He further increased his abilities with disguise change by being able to mix different parts of figures around, like giving character A's right arm to character B. It's also a communicator, allowing him to summon his motocycle, the Gigatrike.


"That's no trike... It's a.. F-Zero machine?" - (?)Symbol.

The Gigatrike is a vehicle based of various F-Zero machines. Simply put, it allows Kimba to travel. It is summoned by the Kimba Watch. It's painted in a yellow and tourquise design, with its power source being carbon dioxide quickly being burned into oxygen. The process was even difficult for the Producer to understand.

Blank Book[edit]

"Yo!" - Rukia(Kimba's cat.)

A simple notebook.


"Hmm.. Do any cute girls call you?" - Head Artist.

Kimba's cell phone. It's silver, and have a Glaceon cell phone decoration on it. When someone calls, he's often annoyed that his ringtone, "Link" by Jindou, doesn't finish playing. He often, though, has it on silent. Which is ironic how when he's ready for a call to come, there's never any calls, and when he turns his phone on silent, there's a mass of messages waiting for him

Radio Kimba[edit]

"Yo, yo, yo! It's DJ OUZ! And... We're gonna rock with some mad jamz!" - DJ OUZ

This is actually a script on mIRC. It's considered a radio, though, by most fans of Sue: The Producer. Because of this, Kimba hired DJ OUZ, a wandering musician. His DJ skills made Radio Kimba's popularity soar so high, that Kimba had to make it evolve, calling it now Radio Kimba+.

Fan Fictions[edit]

This is a list of the fan/non-fan comics Kimba has written:

Pokémon: Waves of Fire[edit]

" Does General know anything about genitial warts, Rodney?" - Conan

This is one of Kimba's widely known fancomic. It tells the story of Rodney, a 15 year old shonen pokémon trainer aiming to become the greatest trainer ever. At first, it may seem straight forward, but it could be mildly vulgar with its jokes, as well as various dark plot twists lying hidden in the story.

Ele~Men~Tal CROSS[edit]

"Chah! My fists are screaming with pride! Bring it!" - Flare

This is one of the first comics ever drawn by Kimba, starting with its prequel, Ele~Men~Tal. The story leads off with a narration from Yoshida Raibari, an Japanese descended child who recently moved to America. The story's main character, Roy "Flare" Johnson, is quickly portrayed as a antagonist, but later is revealed to be influenced by his so-called, "Mad skillz," with the mysterious force, 'hadou'. Raibari quickly defeats Flare with his own hadou techniques, which he already learn how to both control, and learned much about the history of hadou, which his hadou's affinity towards electricity allows his mind to process quintice faster than others. The comic is focused on Flare, Yoshida(Known as Jolty later on), and their friends trying to defeat ancient menaces, traveling through Heaven and Hell, and even fighting aliens.

Yu-Gi-oh! Omicron[edit]

This fancomic is known for pulling itself from, "the Dark Ages" according to Kimba, being its prequel series was the only comic that Kimba ever made he actually hates.

Requiem of Flower Girl[edit]

" Yay! We're in our own sequel, Hand-chan!" - Vinesman

The sequel to an older series called "Song of Flower Girl", which was a parody of many magical manga. The begins with a anthropomorphic rabbit named Bunnie, who wants to prove a song about Vinesman and Flower Girl's escapades wrong. Going to the Seedling Forest, a forest now overrun with monstrous creatures. Bunnie tries to defeat a Uraric, a large bear-like creature, but nearly dies before she awakens her PlusSpirit, an ability that Flower Girl and Vinesman were popular for. After defeating the Uraric, she notices that Flower Girl and Vinesman are in the village. In this series, the main characters try to liberate a somewhat post-apolcalyptic world. It's mainly filled with Manzai jokes from Flower Girl and Vinesman, but with failed attempts from the prince of the Beetruion Empire, Beetron, because of his distant and bipolar nature, Flower Girl's attempts to make him be the 'boke' in jokes often fail, with him often calmly stating, " Why did you make that odd statement? It should as thus:" They also make other odd gags, like breaking the fourth wall.


Most of these moves have both a animal's name in its name, plus is a joke on certain sports.

Scorching Vixen Shot: A kick with firey intensity. When fully charged, it creates a fox-like aura. It's executed by him dashing towards his target, then making a horizontal kick. This technique has evenually been upgraded into the the "Burning Bullet", after listening to the song "Blaze Line" while eating a strawberry. First used against The Producer.

Freezing Turtle Punch: A punch that creates a ice turtle structure from the attack. He basically does a simple straight punch. This technique only becomes the "Blizzard Hammer" when he has summoned at least one spirit.

Bear Hammer: He jumps, and with a yellow claw-looking aura on his arm, he claws his target. A vertical claw strike. If he's weilding a racket or a sword, it's becomes part of the Freezing Turle Punch.

Pyroclasm: He holds his hand straight out, and fires a fireball. Often known as simply Fireball.


  • "Gatling" is a term used for a gun, which may refer to the reason he says "bang" at the end of his Freezing Turtle Punch attack.
  • Because of his name, most people consider many of the things he owns must have a "Kimba" somewhere in its name, e.q. Kimba Cake.
  • He has an obsession with sleeping. Often, he pretends to be asleep for unknown reasons.


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