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American Film Director Graham Streeter, on location in Singapore shooting Cages(2005)

Graham Glen Streeter, (born January 22, 1964) is an American film director and screenwriter. Raised in Northern California until high school. Living in Japan for 10 years to work in television and production, he returned to the states to attended California State University, Sacramento, earning a double degree in International Business Administration and Japanese. After graduating, Streeter worked for NTV Los Angeles as a television field producer. Streeter is known for making positive content that touches on living with physical, social, or emotional challenges.

Streeter began his career in filmmaking by making several short films. Streeter's first short film Crickets & Potatoes [1] [2], a look at the absurdity of holiday dinner gatherings, garnered the 1998 Moxie Award. Most known for his second short film, Frank in Five (1999) [3] [4], starring featured Paul Winfield, Gedde Watanabe, and Zelda Rubinstein.

Streeter wrote and directed Cages starring Oscar Nominee Mako Iwamatsu, Zelda Rubinstein and Bobby Tonelli. The film survived a record breaking 4 weeks in theatres throughout Asia in 2007 and has since became the first Asian film ever to be purchased by the Hallmark Channel, performing a 24 nation release, reaching 20 million viewers.

Cages, a much more serious tone than Streeter's prior work, was shot in HD on location in Singapore, highlighted Singapore’s film star Tan Kheng Hua and introduced the acting debut of 10-year old Dickson Tan, who is visually impaired. The story is about A single Singaporean mother who comes face-to-face with her despised and estranged father of 20 years. A story of three generations, miscommunication and a bond created by a young son who is blind.

Steeter's current film Normal Folk [5], is a story about Asperger Syndrome and adult autism, that takes place in Normal Illinois.

Cages (2005)
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Cages (2005)
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