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Even GreyFace's Face is unknown.
Background information
Also known as GreyFace
Origin United States New York, New York, USA
Genres Rock, Ethereal
Occupation(s) Singer, Songwriter
Instruments Guitar
Years active 2006-present

Background Information[edit]

Born (on July 30, 1993) and raised in NY City, GreyFace taught himself Korean at the age of 2, and learned English quickly as he grew up. Currently, he attends Hunter College High School. He is mostly caught up in his studies, as he has a lot of work. He is also in an unnamed band, using the working name Bit-o-Honey, and is still looking for more members.


GreyFace's name is unknown by anyone outside his family and friends, and it kept a hidden secret.


Some nickanmes he acquired are: Dumpling, Mushroom, Hunchback and Easter Bunny.


Some of his interests actually inspired him.

Utada Hikaru[edit]

He is a HUGE fan of J-Pop singer Utada Hikaru and especially her songs Be My Last, BLUE, Nichiyō no Asa, Hikari and Passion.


He is also a fan of YouTube celebrity, TheWineKone.


His favorite foods are pasta and steak.


He relies a lot on his AIM screenname.


GreyFace currently has no released albums.


  • GreyFace is an on-off American Idol fan.
  • He has a silver iPod nano with a green silicon skin.
  • He considers himself a good cook.
  • He liked the movie Casshern before he knew about Utada. Casshern features one of Utada Hikaru's songs and is directed and written by her husband, Kazuaki Kiriya.
  • He uses a Motorola RAZR phone.
  • He has never been on an airplane.