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Wikipedia User page for Grimwold.

About This User

In real life Grimwold is known as Andy, and lives in the UK. Andy is a keen boardgame player and an active member in his local Methodist Church.

Andy is also a novice drummer, was a member of a worship group and was a founding member of an amateur Christian rock band - along with his friends: Mike (Guitar); Tim (Bass) and Lou (Vocals).

In his spare time Andy:

  • Takes computers apart (and puts them back together).
  • Maintains his own website using html; css; php and mySQL.
  • Trained regularly at a swimming club.
  • Dances ballroom and latin to bronze standard.

Why Grimwold?

Grimwold was the name of a Dwarven Star Player in the Games Workshop boardgame Blood Bowl... playing this in his formative gaming years, Andy developed a liking for all things "Dwarven"... He created his own variation on the Dwarven Warhammers BloodBowl team... could often be found roleplaying as a Dwarven Warrior, Cleric or Paladin and would often choose Dwarven characters in boardgames such as Heroquest and Advanced Heroquest.
Andy first started using the character name "Grimwold" online when he played Heroes of Might and Magic III and then continued to use the name for internet aliases from then on (The great thing about the username Grimwold is that it only rarely gets used as an alias by anyone else in the English speaking world!)

Why the Methodist Church?

When Andy became a Christian in his early 20s, he tried churches of various denominations and eventually settled on the Methodists because of the more informal and lively atmosphere of their worship.

Andy has been at the Methodist Church he currently attends for 10 years, and has at one time or another:

  • Helped with a Friday night Youth Group.
  • Organised a study/social group for Young Adult Christians
  • Joined the team of people who count and bank the collection.
  • Lead a Church home group
  • Helped with running midweek Taize style services
  • Served as a steward for 4 years, working as part of the church leadership team.
  • Played drums in a worship group.
  • Operated the 24 channel mixing desk for both services and concerts.
  • Portrayed Christ in an Easter Tablaeu
  • Performed in Two Church-Pantomimes
  • Helped numerous members of the Church with their Computers
  • Organised Church boardgames evenings.. usually to raise money for Charity

What kind of Board Games?

In the UK most people's understanding of boardgames is limited to Monopoly, Cleudo, Risk and Trivia games such as Trivial Pursuit. However there is an unbelievable wealth of truly excellent boardgames around that are so much better than these! Aside from the Games Workshop games that he used to play as a kid, Andy's first experience of decent modern boardgames was Settlers of Catan, which is one of many new German games. Settlers is a truly eye-opening game, that has gone down well with Andy's friends and family alike.

Other Games Grimwold Likes

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