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I am attempting to write multiple choice test questions. The internet (including Wikipedia) is an excellent source of technical material that covers much of what is learned in college. Now we need to develop an open source testbank so people who have mastered the basics can demonstrate proficiency. Two of my efforts are:

When fully developed, these test banks could offer self learners the opportunity to obtain college credit in some (but not all) college courses at virtually zero cost to the taxpayer or student.

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About the articles in my userspace[edit]

Some of my Wikiversity projects involve quizzes pertaining to Wikipedia articles that I heavily edited and put into Wikipedia user space. Placing them on Wikiversity is time consuming due to redlinks and templates that are dysfunctional on Wikiversity. Please let me know if these articles are not permitted in this space.

  1. Astronomy college course/Ptolemy, Copernicus and Tycho systems
  2. Astronomy college course/Kepler
  3. Astronomy college course/Apparent retrograde motion

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