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I am Happy monsoon day, but I lost my account password. same person. been around in one form or another since 2012 but am now emerging from extended studies and enjoying ability to flex muscles and crank out content. knocking out an article here is the writing/academic equivalent of going for a jog. one thing i'd like to do over the next few months is beef up the articles on important contemporary individuals and thinkers in china, with some sort of standardized process. i also want to get to work on china's media sphere, both inside and outside the country. another interest of mine is chinese state ideology and i hope to write some pieces on that. (update of 4/4/2015)

Very interested in pre-communist China. (12/10/2015)

i like to write articles.


Uniquely among ancient civilizations, great matters of state, as well as the most ordinary questions, were often decided by public, rhetorical combat rather than by

authoritarian fiat. ~~Chapter One: The Syllogism and the Tao. The Geography of Thought: How Asians and Westerners Think Differently...and Why

Stuff to work on right now:[edit]

China's NSC[edit]

Violations of Communist Party Political Discipline in China[edit]

Chinese intellectuals to make articles on:

*an article on "Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting" would be worthwhile

Lei Xiying - the young man who recently got famous for the propaganda videos.

An article on Peter Dahlin would also make sense.

  • an article on the [[Strike Hard Campaign][ as a key part of PRC policing techniques
  • absolutely need a page on the Gao Gang Affair. cant believe it doesn't exist.
  • make a page on Xi Jinping's anti-corruption campaign
  • build out page on "Four Comprehensives"
  • build out article on 南昌起义 - Nanchang uprising
  • and also to the Chinese Academy of Military Science.
  • create article "political warfare by the people's republic of china"
  • an article on tifa 提法
  • An article on Three Warfares
  • an article on informatization in the PLA
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why? my interests are far flung: music, comedy - see louis ck & bill hicks that kinda thing, china, security, media, globalization - including related to people, transnational movements, ideas, international capital flows, networks - economics, political philosophy, dubstep, cryptography & hacking - see china connection &c. &c. wikipedia is an intellectually exciting way to engage with others in exploring & learning about these and more. im a grad student and collect extremely arcane knowledge on certain subjects. i was shocked there is no wiki article on chinese fraud reverse takeovers. that is coming. when im editing i listen to stuff like passion pit, the xx and similar careless music of that nature. my attitude is inevitably modified unconsciously to erratica as a result
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blr/music create blr table of political speeches 1
china politic make pages following the work of Cheng Li on the Shaanxi Gang and other officials 1.5
MUSIC create articles on Lord Huron, Lurk, Humans, Labyrinth Ear, Bikini (band), capital cities (band) (wikipedia has 99
CHINA create articles on shuanggui, model worker 1
money chinese rtos on the reverse merger page 3
hacking china hacking & us hacking china 4
finance fill out page on Andrew Left noted shortseller 4
finance page on Muddy Waters Research and Carson Block noted shortseller 4
hacking china hacking & us hacking china 4
china dissident 4
china military and ideology
stuff i've done
create blr table of songs
recover Lord Huron page pending better sources
create World Economic Herald page
create Chen Pokong page
create Liu Mingfu page
create Silent Contest page
create Peaceful Evolution page
create Cheng Li page
create Liu Yazhou page
create model worker page
create Qin Benli pagecreate Ge Yongxi page

create Residential Surveillance at a Designated Place page

create Criminal Procedure Law of the People's Republic of China

stuff that is useful[edit]


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my referencing policy[edit]

i reference to the teeth and expect the same from others. im glad its not as strict here as with proper academic preparation, just getting it down in any norm is fine not necessary a standard format; that said i prefer the above because of its tidiness. i attempt to always link out when possible because im a lefty and believe in wide&free dissemination of knowledge(=power_.)