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Kaixo bisitari! / Hello visitor! This is Iñaki LL's user page
  • Iñaki LL lives in Donostia
  • Iñaki LL is a translator and instructor
  • Iñaki LL is keen on languages
  • Iñaki LL loves music
  • Iñaki LL loves many kinds of music, but not all (definitely!)
  • Iñaki LL is keen on geography and history
  • Iñaki LL used to play piano
  • Iñaki LL plays txalaparta
  • Iñaki LL likes travelling
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A few articles and contributions[edit]

My focus is on Basque music, language, and local geography and history. I have created or largely contributed with text and sometimes pictures and maps at least to the following articles:

Basque music, Txalaparta, San Sebastián, Itoiz, Benito Lertxundi, Gipuzkoan, Zuberoan, Soule, Maskarada, Pastoral, San Adrian tunnel, Oiasso, Agurain, Bidasoa, Nivelle, Oria, Adarra, Aiako Harria, Jaizkibel, Lower Navarre, Hernio, Txindoki, Ganboa, Aralar, Aizkorri, Euskaldunon Egunkaria, Egin, Tamborrada, Siege of San Sebastián, Novempopulania, Occitan, Navarro-Aragonese, Urgull, Siege of Narbonne (752-759), History of the Basques, Battle of Roncevaux Pass (824), Battle of Toulouse (721), Spanish conquest of Iberian Navarre, Umayyad conquest of Hispania, Uqba ibn al-Hajjaj, Abd al-Malik ibn Katan al-Fihri, Islamic invasion of Gaul

Occasionally I make contributions for the Basque Wikipedia wikipedia as follows:

Londres, Stratford, Londresko metroa, Lindsay Anderson, Itoiz, Estatu Batuetako Lehenengo Bankua, Andrew Jackson (as far as I my memory goes...!).