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Gnostic Infomysticism represents the aspect of this physical universe as an infoverse and it has a specific view of consciousness and demons.

From recent theories like Simulation hypothesis (Nick Bostrom), Programmed Reality (Jim Elvidge, [1]), TechGnosticism (Erik Davis) and Infomysticism (Steve Mizrach, [2]), supported by quantum physics (regarding quanta as “messenger particles”, so that quantum teleportation, based on quantum nonlocality and entanglement, is simply a matter of 'resetting a value') and Rupert Sheldrake's theory of morphic fields (Hypothesis of Formative Causation), combined also with modern cosmology (Frank Tipler), integral systems theory (Ervin Laszlo), Information Science and Digital Philosophy, and having roots in pantheistic philosophies dating back to Plato (Allegory of the Cave) and the ancient Gnostics, we have that all the 'physical universe' is based on underlying transcendent information, so all matter and energy is essentially - encoded bits of information in this 'Program' (that can be possibly understood as binary encoded with two non-physical states/'values' for 0 and 1), that (visually) projects itself (to the human Mind) like a hologram (Bohm). The reality of fractals with exact self-similarity (on any scale), for example, also points out the fundamental nature of information.

Many numerologists, as well as mystics back to the ancient times, understood that Information, i.e. some numbers (The Hermetic 'WORD', that was in the beginning, actually being a term for an initial 'Program', the seed of this evolving universe), is/are the basis for this whole physical world (unfolding infoverse), more basic than matter, energy, vibration or light. 'The Word' was/is WITH 'God' (since God-Demiurge is in interaction with Information), and 'The Word' WAS/IS God (since our God-Demiurge becomes a complete Self in this interaction, through his Creation that results from the interaction).

Time and Space (3-dimensional) are also, in fact, "illusion", and exist only as products from the interaction of the transcendent Self (the Mind) and Information (the Program).


This view suggests Consciousness to be understood as a symbiosis of Mind and Information. Mind (or soul) is non-physical (transcendent), and Mind emanates from the Spirit (the manifestable essence). Mind is a 'driver', having an associated organic form ('living' material body) as its 'vehicle', and is manifested through any level in pantheistic holarchy - as a mind/soul of a single cell (with very primitive, elemental consciousness, but responsible also for e.g. cellular memory), a human or animal mind/soul (with consciousness on a level of organic synergy of an individual human or animal), or a (superior) mind/soul with synergistically/synergetically extremely complex and sophisticated consciousness of whole galaxies involving all sub-levels (Demiurge, our whole as a super-Mind, also emanated from the One Spirit). On the other hand, the morphic field of the mind's past is the 'baggage' of an individual (on the synergistic level of an organism with brain, since using existing and generating new abstract forms is only possible with a brain).

Thought forms (abstract, mental, brain-related) also have their associated morphic fields, same as organic forms have. One's past, a complex mental/abstract form, is a group of mental forms (representing thoughts) that are (energetically) similar in some way since they are all generated and/or processed by the same brain, with their collective morphic field known (from Vedas) as an Akashic Record, a default (and 'private') mental morphic field consisting of all the experiences and memories of one (human) Mind through its physical lifetime. Akashic Records, Jung's collective unconscious (with its archetypes), as well as the noosphere, are both subsets of this universal database of all the experience of the organic world, the all-connected and perfectly organized morphic fields database.

So, Consciousness, as the interaction of Mind (essence, the 'driver') and Information (quantum energy, the 'vehicle' + information from morphic fields, the 'baggage') is what a complete living Self is (Mind + Information = Consciousness). And orgones (or Qi energy) are the 'fuel' (also Information).

... Human Mind (as the Self on the level of an autonomous “human individual”) is a fragment of Demiurge (the Self on the level of a Creator super-Mind).

Movies that deal with Virtual Reality (cyberspace), like Matrix, The Thirteenth Floor, eXistenZ, Total Recall, Vanilla Sky, Virtuosity, Lawnmower Man, Tron etc., are proponents of this view, although some combine it with a solipsist aspect as well (being then also related to Zen Buddhism and Taoism, besides Gnosticism).

The famous science-fiction writer Philip K. Dick (the 'modern gnostic prophet') defined a person 'in Gnosis', i.e. homoplasmate, as a symbiosis of human Mind and Information, considering a heightened consciousness as achieved Gnosis (spiritual insight), necessary for the self-realization and salvation from incompetent Demiurge's Hysterema (the imperfect world of disharmony and suffering).

According to the Gnostics, a self-realization through Gnosis would mean that a higher consciousness, achieved through waking up and maintaining the awaken state, gets preserved after physical death somehow, and the 'vehicle' would be successfully transformed from matter into 'pure energy', escaping from this world back to Pleroma (the world of perfect harmony).


Demons and angels are regarded as Minds (manifestation of the essence that emanates from the Spirit, the manifestable essence), in or with Demiurge's manifestation, that are part of (or interact with) this physical universe, but unlike autonomous human or animal minds/souls, demons and angels 'drive' abstract/mental forms (thoughts and complex thoughts/ideas), as their 'vehicle'. Demons as ‘drivers’ of abstract/mental forms, as Minds in interaction with Information, represent a counter-consciousness. A human (or animal) mind/soul is 'driving' an organic form (individual 'living' material body on a level of a synergistic whole, including the brain as the most sophisticated organ) as a 'vehicle'.

The brain is generating and using countless thought forms - abstract (mental) objects/systems. An abstract/mental form, although non-dimensional (shapeless), is energetically real (not imaginary), as material form/object is real (telekinesis, moving material objects/forms/systems with thoughts, would be the best demonstration of that), and like any organic form, it also relates to an associated morphic field. The elemental abstract/mental forms are thoughts and ideas, and the more complex are skills, sciences, languages etc.

Since the brain is controlling the whole body, many thoughts (abstract/mental forms), as energy processed by the brain together with the data from their morphic fields, actually can cause some effects, through vibration (subconsciously sent by the brain), to different body-parts (organs, tissues). Often, a fear, urge, or some unpleasant feeling, are in fact caused by (usually some 'minor') demon, a mind driving some negative common thought (that every brain can tune to, under certain condition).

Demons (counter-Creation minds that together, in coordination, make what some religions call Satan), are, although not intelligent (in a creative way like human minds are), however extremely skillful to attract/trap (a) human mind(s), with their vehicles easily regrouping and reorganizing (as abstract/mental thought forms). Angels, of course are the opposite, they drive positive mental/abstract forms (pure, noble and inspiring thoughts/ideas, that enable spiritual progress of humanity). According to the Gnostics, demons (archons) rule this world (Demiurge's Creation), being the main reason for the troubles the humankind goes through.

So, the awareness of certain thought forms being demons' vehicle, was probably the reason why quantum physicist David Bohm (Thought as a System) dedicated many of his efforts bringing up the importance of thoughts to humankind : "Thought runs you. Thought, however, gives false info that you are running it, that you are the one who controls thought. Whereas actually thought is the one which controls each one of us..."

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