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....daß es gut war wie es war, das weiß man hinterher ....daß es schlecht ist wie es ist, das weiß man gleich

Hildegard Knef 1925-2002 [1]

IsarSteve т с
No, it´s not that FILM, it´s The Zugspitze
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Originally a "TottenhamBoy" now resident in Germany.

Some of my contributions can be found in these articles:-

...wie soll ich wissen, was ich denke, bevor ich höre, was ich sage

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Been there, done that![edit]

Countries where I've spent months to years
United Kingdom Germany
Berlin's S-Bahn network -
I'm located somewhere quite close to the middle of the Dog's Head.
and places I've lived for ten years or more
European Union England London Berlin Bavaria Munich
Countries where I've spent days to weeks
Scotland Wales United States Fiji New Zealand Australia
Indonesia Hong Kong Macau Thailand Singapore
Maldives India Seychelles Kenya South Africa
Portugal Spain France Belgium Netherlands
Denmark Czech Republic Austria Switzerland Italy
and particular parts of the above I'd like to single out
California Hawaii New South Wales Queensland Victoria Northern Territory Western Australia Jersey Hansestadt Hamburg
Countries where I've spent less than 24 hours
Vatican City Iran United Arab Emirates