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I edit content in my subject area (algebra), and perform technical edits on recently changed or created articles. I like peaceful collaboration on content, and unnoticed technical improvements.

Wikipedia allows both content providers and technical editors to work together. Content providers lend their invaluable expertise to wikipedia by composing the core of the articles. Technical editors save content providers from worrying about essential tasks such as minor editing and technical wiki markup.

I tend to think content providing should be left up to subject experts, and so only contribute content to algebra articles. However, wikipedia is a huge place and I enjoy helping with technical editing in a variety of contexts. I firmly believe in the utility of categories and the importance of not WP:BITEing new editors, so I enjoy doing new pages patrol, especially to categorize new pages and help new content providers understand the wikipedia process. I also believe firmly in the necessity of WP:RS reliable sources, and so spend time WP:V verifying articles in my subject area.

I like to collaborate on articles, so I tend to edit recently edited articles. I firmly believe in consensus, and follow WP:1RR by discussing changes on talk pages and modifying edits rather than reverting them. I definitely make mistakes in technical editing, and certainly make some suboptimal content edits. When I do this to an article you're working on, just leave me a note on my talk page, but please be nice.

Current projects[edit]

  • Automaton group - Have a few sources, can ask LB or the TAMU guys for more, just a stub to distinguish between it an Automatic group
  • Derived series - Derived length cleanup, and structure of the quotients of the derived series of a free group due to M. Ward.
  • Frobenius group - Classification of complements and kernels. Math is done, just need to publish it or realize someone else has so it can be properly cited. Most can be cited to Ron Brown. Abelian kernels can be cited to Wu 1998.
  • Frobenius-Schur indicator - Character theoretic description of higher F-S indicators. Check details for reducible reps (I suspect the two definitions differ).
  • Finite classical groups cleanup, orthogonal group, symplectic group, unitary group; copy from the groups of lie types table, giving order, chevalley name, multiplier, out group, and noting coincidences. Maybe this would be easier to just to have something like finite unitary group as the current articles are already heavily burdened
  • Weight (representation theory) - Massive merge project
  • Unref cleanup - every group theory article should be well referenced, and every math article should be referenced or tagged. By their very nature, math articles should be easy to provide primary sources, and if they are truly notable, it should be easy to provide secondary sources. Also check out the tertiary sources used in some articles, as they have been inaccurate on a few occasions.
  • Central simple algebra cleanup, cyclic algebras, crossed product algebras, group rings, maximal orders over complete local rings, ABHN theorem.

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