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George W. Wiland
Personal details
Born 1947
Maryland, United States of America
Spouse(s) Linda Wiland
Children Jody Wiland Streck
Joel David Wiland
George William Wiland III
Residence Tulsa, Oklahoma
Alma mater Baltimore Polytechnic Institute
North Central University
Oral Roberts University
Southern Nazarene University's Graduate School of Business Management
Profession grassroots politician
Religion Christianity
Website Congressman John Sullivan

George W. Wiland (born 1947) is a Grassroots American Politician and currently serving as the Constituent Representative for US Congressman John Sullivan’s office for all US Military and US Veteran’s issues, First Congressional District, Oklahoma[1]. He and his wife, Linda Lois Wiland (née Scantling), have been married for over 40 years. In addition to their three adult children – Jody, Joel, and Billy – Wiland and and his wife have five grandchildren – Juliane, Justin, Reagan, Landon, and Christopher. For more than 40 years, George and Linda have haled from Tulsa, Oklahoma.[2]

Early life[edit]

Wiland was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. Due to excelling in all coursework, Wiland graduated one year early from an all-boys high school, Baltimore Polytechnic Institute. He met his future wife during their freshman year together at North Central University in Minneapolis. After hearing Oral Roberts speak in 1968, Wiland and his wife moved to Tulsa so he could finish his undergraduate degree at Oral Roberts University. Wiland wrote his thesis paper on the United States Electoral College.

Political life[edit]

Wiland went on to complete more than 25 years as a US Civil Servant with the United States Postal Service, but due to the Hatch Act, was precluded from running for or holding public office. After retirement from the US Postal Service, Wiland began publicly campaigning for like-minded politicians, and was soon brought on as a member of US Congressman John Sullivan's staff. Soon thereafter Wiland also successfully campaigned, was elected to serve, and faithfully served as a Presidential Elector in Oklahoma the famed 2000 Presidential Election.[3]


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