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Alchemy (2012) is a movie by a director credited as "S. Thompson" (but almost certainly not Suzanna Thompson as has been suggested), based on the novels Augury and Alchemy by Sylvia Roslyn La Some and shown simultaneously to an estimated 110 million viewers from 10.30-12.00 GMT (plus a 15-minute follow-up in some countries) 22 December 2012.

The movie was created using a game engine (speculatively identified as HugeWorld v1.5) and found objects, in the form of publicly available high-quality avatars of certain actors. This process is known as machinimation, and Alchemy is an early example of "broadcast-quality" products in this medium.


All cast-members of this film were simulated using computer-generated avatars. There is some evidence the actors whose images were used in this way had been approached by individuals purporting to represent a filmmaking venture during the years preceding the release of the movie, but at least one settlement has been recorded against the production company.

Opening sequence[edit]

Notes and Scenes[edit]

Material in this section is incomplete and particularly subject to change.

  • Maddie's background with Krumping; later exposure to Capoeira (see below)
  • Burning Man
  • Bohemian Grove
  • Meeting at silent rave with DJ Null (formerly of The Spike)
  • Noble dialogue from Wulf re. the Documentary hypothesis corrupting a purist, down-to-earth Jahwist text with Elohist mysticism as a compromise and then additional codes of law for in support of various kings for "reformist" ends; leads into Revelation hoax material
  • Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia, pretender to the Imperial crown of Prussia, becomes one of William's paladins, an informal group of princelings who support and assist him in his mission; denounced as "The Apostles of the Antichrist" in the US media
  • Georg Friedrich has a connection to the Russian cosmists, early singularitarians who influenced the development of the datapool
  • Fuller Thomas's final speech is an obvious hommage to the Oscar-nominated Arthur Jensen "There is no America, There is no Democracy" rant from Network, although at an unwieldy six minutes it has more often been compared to the interminable Architect monologue in The Matrix Reloaded
  • A "terrorist incident" involving the re-shaping of the bust of Abraham Lincoln on Mount Rushmore to resemble Osama bin Laden using carefully placed explosive charges is later revealed to have been a Confederate Century signal


  • Everything You Know is Wrong
  • It's All About Gold

Intellectual Property Issues[edit]

In October 2012 the producers of the film agreed to include a "Based on Ideas By" microtip box on all Cycle-related websites, on the basis of an "informal storyline patent" registration by the publisher of Bette Noir.


Several major in-game remakes of the film were produced in the late twenteens.


The film is dedicated (in its closing credits) to "The Work and Wisdom of Sylvia La Some". This connection is credited with a significant upsurge in interest in what was until then a relatively obscure cult.


  • Originally intended release date (as announced on website): 18 December 2005

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