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Who am i?[edit]

I'm a 21 year old Girl, born in Changsha, who has recently moved over to the United Kingdom in order to gain a fulfilling job within the Free Software movement, or Linux related companies.

My Interests[edit]


Again, i'm very interested in Neuroscience, which i read up practically hundreds of books on when doing other Scientific-based courses. I've got a pretty much degree/PhD level understanding of Neuroscience, as well as of many other subjects people don't understand much out of common sense :D

Also, i'm the founder of the Neuroscience WikiProject - to delve into how much my interest into science is. The amount of information that i know, i hope to share with the rest of the wikipedians, so that they may bask in the knowledge of the Wikipedia, and it's wonderous articles, so much so, we hope to get featured on the Front Page - But, dreams are there to dream for!

Religion (Shinto)[edit]

I am a Shinto, and have been for over 17 years. I practice Religious tolerance, and do not wish, nor do not hope to force my religious beliefs upon anyone else - I do preach for my religion, but i believe it is up to us as human beings to have the decision to logically conclude what we think is the reality.

I do not hate any other religion, but i Strongly dislike the way in which Christianity is forced upon people. I am also, not adverse to Islam, or any other Religions, but i am strongly passionate about the rights that a human being has, and Suicide, or slaughter of others, has no justification.

Linux and Free Software[edit]

I strongly believe that the idea of others working collaboratively on on software, or anything else for that matter is a fantastic thing, and should be nourished at all costs. I do not think that there should be any hegemony in the software market, and yes i am strongly cynical of Microsoft for their past actions.

Anyways, yep - I love Linux;

  • Kernel Hacking
  • KDE and amaroK which i enjoy developing for when i have time.
  • General knowledge of Linux.

I also think that it is a completely nonsensical idea that Free software is a plague, and i class Steve Ballmer as a Retard, but in the most respectful way.

My Dislikes[edit]


  • Reason One - Dissolution of what exactly is needed within schools.
  • Reason Two - Disregard for special needs, and disabilities within children.
  • Reason Three - Not in posession of the full facts in regards to africa and it's need for free software in comparison to starvation, and disease.
  • Reason Four - Disregard for nurture within children - Using BROWN in a desktop environment for children does NOT spark creativity.
  • Reason Five - No real reason as to "why" the project is doing what it is doing, with no real manifesto or plan for the issues which learning environments require.
  • Reason Six - Inability to recieve Criticisms or Suggestions.


Lies, Lies and more Lies.
For instance, relatively little changes from Windows XP to Windows Vista, the "vulture" like business practices, mainly in regards to internet explorer and MSN search, as well as the Software Patents scheme, which i class as an act of contempt to humanity itself.