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George Thomas Lape (18 Apr 1833 - 5 May 1921) Civil Engineer, inventor and Civil War photographer, was born in Summit, Schoharie, NY, the son of Samuel Lape, Jr. and Lany Neer, Palatine German immigrants. George T. Lape grew up on a farm in Lutheranville, Schoharie, NY, attended the local grade school and high school, and then attended the New York Conference Seminary in Charlotteville, New York, from which he graduated in 1855. In 1858, George enrolled in Union College, Schenectady, NY: "age 22, Lutheran, from Lutheranville, NY, son of Samuel Lape, for the 'University Course'". He graduated from Union College as a [Engineer] and immediately relocated to Brooklyn, NY, where he set up permanent residency. During the Civil War, George was a photographer in Manhattan, New York. He photographed Union soldiers for their CDV pictures in his studio at 130-146 Chatham Street (now Park Row), New York.

Many of his CDVs are remarkable due to the application of a Victorian Leather Tufted Gentleman's Chair and of members of the 1st New York Engineer Regiment.

George T. Lape was also an inventor. Following are some of the items found in The Scientific American or at the United States Patent Office.

As a Civil Engineer, George T. Lape worked for railroads that connected with New York and was a noted railroad engineer for the Freehold and New York Railway.

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