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My goal is to contribute to Wikipedia on articles connected to Poles in the UK. Further I am trying to support the WikiProject Poland

Sub Page(s)[edit]

Tasks on WikiProject Poland[edit]

  1. monitoring of the new Poland-related article feed. This should be done weekly, and it entails:
    a) checking if the article is encyclopedic and if not, prodding and if necessary nominating it for deletion
    b) slapping appropriate cleanup needed templates on the articles needing them
    c) check if a creator of a Poland-article has been welcomed and invited here (see our welcome template above)
    d) if an article is a DYK quality, nominate it to T:DYK and inform the creator that he should do so himself in the future; if the article is close to but not a DYK quality ask the creator to improve it to a DYK quality and nominate it
  2. watchlist and monitor Wikipedia:WikiProject Deletion sorting/Poland
  3. monitoring the Poland article news for:
    a) deletion discussions not reported in deletion sorting and report them there
    b) FA/GA nomintions and reviews as well as move requests, commenting on them and announcing them here when appropriate
  4. replying to help requests here
  5. monitoring our archive size and when it gets to ~200 create a new one
  6. Wikipedia:WikiProject Poland/Assessment should continue; there are still many Poland-related articles that are unassessed (and many that are not tagged with our {{WikiProject Poland}}. Once an article is templated, it will feed into a cleanup listing, a list of most popular pages, and many other similar useful outlets.
  7. occasionally spreading the good will and teamwork spirit by handing out awards

I don't know if somebody would like to step in into my unofficial role as the coordinatoor of this project, but if so, please don't hesitate to step up.

Here is a list of things that we should do but are not, a sort of my own "to do" list for this project that I wanted to implement one day. As I may not be able to do so anymore, perhaps somebody else could:

  1. deal with backlog at Wikipedia:WikiProject Poland/Cleanup listing
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Great work on the World War II crimes in Poland article! Nsk92 (talk) 16:47, 26 November 2008 (UTC)
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