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I am a librarian at Wittenberg University, and a lot of my work on Wikipedia is an outgrowth of my work as a librarian. My most notable contributions are included on this page: User:Kenirwin/CV.

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Joe Janes on Wikipedia[edit]

With Wikipedia, it’s never quite so sure – you can’t access the same Wikipedia twice, not only because the reality it’s trying to represent is changing, it’s changing as well. It’s one thing to know that the world changes, it’s another not to be able to find the same fact again, maybe because it’s not a fact any more, or because some editor or committee or flame warrior decided it shouldn’t be there any more. And don’t even get me started on their preference for verifiability over truth or accuracy. This seems somehow more arbitrary than the top-down approach, or perhaps just differently arbitrary; it’s either one expert’s judgment, bias, prejudice, with an editorial infrastructure to catch or to reinforce it, or it’s lots of people with varying judgments and biases, axes to grind, who somehow have to come to consensus on what’s what.

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