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About Me[edit]

I am living in Germany with my British Army husband; I am a retired (but very young) Royal Air Force Officer - now a Learning Support Assistant and school librarian at a Service Children's Education primary school, and a mother. I have a keen interest in military history, particularly the role women have played and the Battle of Britain.

I was a contestant on the Mastermind 2008 series, with the first round Specialist Subject of Female Agents of the Special Operations Executive. See Mastermind episode on You Tube

Main Interests[edit]

My main subject interests are:

and I have written and contributed to articles on those subjects. I am also a member of the Military history WikiProject.

Pages I have created[edit]


Royal Air Force[edit]

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Battle of Britain[edit]

Special Operations Executive[edit]

World War II (General Subjects & Notable People)[edit]