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The LAB Information Technology Incorporated (commonly referred as LABUSA) is an American Information Technology and Security Solution Provider providing services that focus on deploying and managing the information technology and security infrastructure that powers businesses.[1]

Overview & history[edit]

LABUSA was founded in 1998 and incorporated in 1999. In September 1999, the company incorporated in Illinois as LAB Information Technology Incorporated. The company has offices in Chicago, Houston and Memphis. Businesses and government agencies within the USA, Europe, and Africa make up LABUSA’s customer base. LABUSA provides Information Technology services ranging from video surveillance systems to cloud managed services that help businesses improve operational efficiency while protecting both physical and intellectual assets.[2]

Information technology services[edit]

Cloud managed services[edit]

Traditional Information Technology deployments require the installation and maintenance of a computer software on an individual user's computer. Cloud computing allows for software to be installed in a single location and shared across multiple people. This saves labor and frustration. Cloud Managed Services provide quick feature-rich proven solutions that save businesses a great deal of time and money.[3]

Cloud Managed Services provide the distributed computing and application support to manage the computing and real-time communications of an organization. These services are used to manage public cloud applications such as social media and email sites or complex public/private application services.[4]

Security services[edit]

Digital surveillance platforms are the new security mechanisms big corporations use monitor operations floors and business premises to identify possible breaches to internal security. The business advantage of a digital surveillance platform is that it focuses on the unified management of video surveillance and other electronic devices, that is, from integration with IP networks and computers to safety devices and access control, it grants a business a greater advantage in mastering its overall security.[5]

From government to corporations, many organizations are struggling with protecting the company information and property. Integrated Security Services provide the products and service solutions to improve security. These solutions provide businesses with more control and less risk for the protection of their intellectual and tangible assets.[6]

Access control[edit]

Access Control Systems provide intrusion detection and access control methods to support any type of physical entry points. These solutions include systems to support Biometric, RFID, and keypad control operations.[7]

The Access Control Solution is the process of implementing systems that control the selective restriction to places and resources. This solution provides the deployment of locking mechanisms to login credentials and the electronic technology that manages these devices. Access control solutions support three ways (types) of authenticating information:  Something the user knows, Passcode (Password or PIN)  Something the user has, RFID (smart cards and badges)  Something the user is, Biometric (fingerprint, retina, and facial recognition)[8]

Installation and support services[edit]

Installation and Support Solutions include onsite assessment, product selection, installation, maintenance, warranty management and ongoing support. These solutions provide businesses with a single point of contact for quick problem resolution.[9]

Installation and support services provide for the deployment and maintenance for an organization’s integrated security and surveillance solutions. This includes the low voltage cabling for surveillance cameras, surveillance monitors, and security and safety devices. These services provide a single point for the full life-cycle CCTV and security solutions.[10]

Video surveillance[edit]

Security surveillance platforms are for the monitoring, recording and control of video and other electronic devices. These solutions offer capabilities that include monitoring and recording of audio, video, transactions from Point of sales (POS) systems, ATMs, smoke/water detectors, panic switches, and other devices.[11]

Integrated Surveillance Solutions (ISS) is about deploying surveillance platforms for the monitoring, recording and control of electronic devices.[12]

Datacenter services[edit]

Datacenter Services include the technology, facility-related components and services to support an enterprise computing environment. These computing environments provide system processing, storage, networking, system management and high speed internet connectivity.[13]

Datacenters provide the IT infrastructure and system management support needed for a business’ critical IT services. In this regard, datacenter services support hosted servers and private cloud applications for small and large businesses and government agencies.[14]

Consulting and professional Services[edit]

From advice to professional service, consulting services help businesses solve problems and enhance capabilities that could otherwise be difficult to handle internally. Consulting firms across the world have staff and partners in their specified disciplines of expertise who are able to serve clients world-wide by providing ground-breaking solutions to various problems.[15]