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Feature Content[edit]

Featured articleCretan War (205–200 BC). It was my first major article and after 5 months of working on it, it became FA on the 25 November 2006.
Featured articleWar against Nabis. It was my second major article and after three months of work it achieved FA on the 17 Feburary 2007.
Featured articlePortal:Military of Greece. The first portal I had created and worked on and after 11 months of work it was promoted to a WP:FPOon the 8 November 2007.
Featured articleBattle of Dyrrhachium (1081). My first FA not to involve Hellenistic Greece and the first one that I re-wrote. After 4 months working on it, it was promoted on the 23 December 2007. It appeared on the main page on the 2 Septermber 2008.
Featured articleCleomenean War. After much work, this little war that ended any chances of Spartan supremacy became a FA on the 25 April 2010.

A-class articles[edit]

A-class articleBattle of the Kalka River. I rewrote this article in March-April 2008. It is my first GA+ article that does not have to do with Greece and it passed its A-class review on the 5 May 2008.

Good Articles[edit]

Good articleEgyptian Invasion of Mani. An important article for me became GA on the 7 March 2007.
Good articleBattle of Gythium. I created this article a while back and it passed it's GAC on the 3 April 2007.
Good articleSiege of Eretria. A little known battle of the Persian War which preceeded the Battle of Marathon by a few days. I started this article in Janurary and it passed it's GAC on the 29 July 2007.
Good articleGalatian War. A little known campaign by the Romans and the Pergamese against the Gauls of Asia Minor. I started this article in July and it passed it's GAC on the 23 September 2007.
Good articleSiege of Sparta. I woke up one Saturday morning with the urge to write another Wikipedia article. This page was the result. It passed its GAC on 7 April 2015.
Good articlePyrrhus' invasion of the Peloponnese. Pyrrhus' last campaign has spent too many years unrecognised and it is time to rectify that. It passed its GAC on 30 April 2015.

Did You Know?[edit] Egyptian army of 1,500 was defeated by 300 women of Diroduring the Egyptian Invasion of Maniin 1826? (22 January 2007)
2...that the Maniot pirate, Limberakis Gerakaris, was twice held as a prisoner by the Ottomans and spent the last fourteen years of his life as a Venetian prisoner? (13 January 2008)
3... that the Siege of Spartafailed despite the deployment of 24 war elephants? (21 April 2015)
4... that Pyrrhus of Epiruswas killed at Argosafter being hit on the head with a tile during Pyrrhus' invasion of the Peloponnese? (22 April 2015)