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Presenting {{Taxonbar}}[edit]

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"It's gonna be HUGE!"[edit]

{{Taxonbar|wcsp=381300}} on Sequoiadendron giganteum:

Presenting {{Tropicos}} With Projects![edit]

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"Rudbeckia hirta L.". Flora of North America Checklist. Missouri Botanical Garden. Retrieved 4 February 2016 – via

  • This link template supports Flora of North America, Catalogue of New World Grasses, Flora of China, and much more.

Other flora template contributions:[edit]

(for Category:Flora external link templates) and Category:Biology_external_link_templates)



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Quercus alba:[edit]

Ranunculus ficaria:[edit]

Ficaria verna:[edit]

Need work:[edit]

  • Existing {{ARKive}} template may need work
  • {{INPN species}} template not yet translated and imported
  • Existing {{ITIS}} template is protected and incompatible with standard
  • {{IUCN}} template may need some work.