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Mahtab Shadi
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مهتاب شادی
Name Mahtab Shadi
Born Mahtab
(1979-02-28)28 February 1979
Name in real life Mahtab (means: Moonlight)
Nationality Iranian
Country  Iran
Languages Persian
Time zone Tehran
Race Not important!
Height 175
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Handedness Right
Personality type Happy
Family and friends
Marital status single
Boyfriend No
Education and employment
Occupation Researcher
Education Sociology
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
Hobbies Qoran
Religion Islam ,Shia
Politics Moderate!
Books Any on Sociology

The Communication branches

Contact info
AIM Knowledge expanding
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Who am I?[edit]

Hi, I'm Mahtab Shadi, from Tehran, Iran. I've been reading Wikipedia's contents since 2007. My primary activity was reading existing articles. My main goal on Wikipedia is to make it as nutritious as possible & my own Policy is to make the knowledge word more peaceful, understandable & more dehiscent. I think Wikipedia is very suggestible & suitable for this aim. I like the open mined people & the theories make the minds open to the new discovers. because the reality is too great to be understood easily.

What I do here[edit]

My current focus on Wikipedia is to use the articles and sometimes edit them especially on Communications. There is a big scope of making new pages related to Communications & Creativity. So I can feel that I'm going to make a lot of new pages in future. I'm also involved in adding pages about Islam an critical ideas.

What I do elsewhere[edit]

Real Life
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I have a wide variety of interests, including musics, movies, books and especially new ideas in the word of knowledge. That's my oxygen! I study the Human science branches.