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Hi everyone!

Academic Course about Wikipedia[edit]

I have been assigned by my boss to develop an academic distance course entitled "Informatics A, Wikipedia - publishing, reliability and technology, 7,5 ECTS credit points". Parts of the course material is currently developed collaborative in English at Wikiversity:Wikipedia, and will be available under GFDL license. However, the language of instruction in my course is Swedish. It will be offered as a web based distance course during fall 2009. The course is addressed to Swedish wikipedia users and administrators who wants to consolidate their knowledge with academic grades, to teachers, librarians, students, webmasters who want to use various wiki technology, etc. Swedish web application form is open between March 16 and April 15.

Wiki interests[edit]

I have created the following new articles, categories and sections:

I have made major revisions to


In case no one else address the following issues, I intend to: