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The joys of good math notation[edit]

If e is a bivector, then we have or equivalently . In quaternions much the same formula is true. We have , but holds only if x is purely quaternionic: for real j and k.

Now let x, p, d and μ be real numbers and e a bivector on a compact 2-manifold R. Then we can calculate the integral and it is a real number. On the other hand it is much easier to simply calculate , because it is infinity. Unfortunately Greek letters are autoitalicized.

This stuff is all pretty simple. Let's get into some deeper waters.

Let . Then so we have . On the other hand .

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take closer look at User:Korath/autovfd.js

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Mathematics, manifold, topological manifold, differentiable manifold, Laplace operator, scalar, scalar field, bijection, injection and surjection

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I am in support of fully stating illegal primes, AACS encryption keys and other numbers and facts while they pose no legal risk to Wikipedia and while no official decision from the operators of Wikipedia has been made to censor such numbers.

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