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A portrait of Matt
Matt looking at their phone.


Matthew Bischoff (they/them) is a designer and developer in New York City. They are a founder and partner at Lickability, a software studio known for its apps and work for clients like The Atlantic, Houseparty, and Meetup.

Matt began blogging and podcasting in 2003 and got their start in tech as IT Director of PodcastPeople at age 13. After high school, they studied human-computer interaction at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, before dropping out to join the mobile team at The New York Times. They worked at Tumblr during its heyday, as an engineer, engineering manager, and product manager.

All the while, Matt and their business partners were working to grow Lickability from a side project into the ten-person team it is today. In 2015, Matt went full-time at the company, and since then, they’ve worn multiple hats as a product manager, software engineer, sales lead, and office prankster (they may have connected a rotating light to HomeKit 🚨).

Matt is an acclaimed speaker, giving talks at conferences around the globe focused on the intersections of technology and culture. They write about these topics and others here on their website and the Lickability blog.

In their spare time, Matt enjoys making (and drinking) classic cocktails, going to the theatre, trawling Wikipedia for interesting facts, and volunteering for Trans Lifeline. They are proud to be a member of the bisexual, transgender, and nonbinary communities. Oh yeah, and they were on Jeopardy! once.