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Quelle chimère est-ce donc que l'homme? quelle nouveauté, quel monstre, quel chaos, quel sujet de contradictions, quel prodige? Juge de toutes choses, imbécile ver de terre, dépositaire du vrai, cloaque d'incertitude et d'erreur, gloire et rebut de l'univers. Qui démêlera cet embrouillement?

How the personnel whether fictionalize the thing? How new design, monster, disorder, denial and miracle? All matter's judge, idiotic worm of ground; Truth storage arrangement sewer and error and suspicion; Outer space glory and garbage. Somebody solves this confusion?

What a chimera is man! What a novelty, a monster, a chaos, a contradiction, a prodigy! Judge of all things, an imbecile worm; depository of truth, and sewer of error and doubt; the glory and refuse of the universe. Who shall unravel this confusion?


  • Japanese spider crab (高脚蟹タカアシガニ takaashigani?, lit. "tall-footed crab")

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