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WikiProject Endangered Languages
and Language Revitalization
Endangered Languages around the world:
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02:46 UTC, Sunday, 25 September
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DYK   Did you know?
  • It has been estimated that somewhere in the world one language will die every two weeks.[1]
  • there is a consensus among linguists that over half the of the world's languages are moribund[2]
  1. ^ Krauss, M. (1992). The world’s languages in crisis. Language 68, 4-10.
  2. ^ Iatiku: Newsletter of the Foundation for Endangered Languages. Issue Two: 9 April 1996. Accessed on 2006-11-15
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Scope and Goals Project Scope & Goals[edit]

  1. Adding to the store of encyclopedic knowledge available on Wikipedia regarding endangered languages and language revitalization. The means of doing so are:
    1. To create, expand, and maintain articles related to endangered languages:
    2. identify gaps, check for completeness of coverage, start new articles, expand entries on little-known or neglected, but still notable, subjects
    3. ensure consistency of information across articles.
  2. To serve as the centralized place for all discussions related to endangered languages in Wikipedia.
  3. To create standards, guidelines, and recommendations for how to better organize and structure articles related to language endangerment, language revitalization and endangered languages.
  4. To provide editors with resources to assist them with their edits.

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Endangered language article assessment[edit]

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