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Nice view (3201807289).jpg The Really Nice View for Really Nice Work Award
Hello Username, I saw that you have been doing some really nice work on Wikipedia; so thought that you deserved the 'Really Nice View' award. Congratulations! Sign


Please feel free to tell me if you think someone deserves the award, I will try and give it out weekly.

  1. Ocaasi: 03.11.2013
  2. Kudpung: 10.11.2013
  3. Crisco 1492: 17.11.2013
  4. Glimmer721: 24.11.2013
  5. Huon: 01.12.2013
  6. BlueMoonset: 29.12.2013
  7. MusikAnimal: 05.01.2014 (really the sixth of January, but upsets my sense of order)
  8. Sagaciousphil: 26.01.2014