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Roman mints

Roman Republic[edit]

The main Roman mint during the Republic was Rome itself under the control of [montales tresviri] appointed by the Senate. Other mints, under the control of the Senate, in Italy and beyond were also established. Towards the end of the Republic the authority to mint shifted to Imperators, military commanders that struck military coinages, initially with permission from the Senate but later independently __ Roman world. __various silliness___

Early Empire[edit]

Augustus reorganized the coinage in 23 BC with the introduction of _base metal_ and later around 15 BC established a mint at Lugdunum, the capital of Gaul, (Lyon, France) to produce silver and gold coins (denarii, quinarii, and aurei). After minting imperial issues ceased in Spain and the East, it became the only mint producing precious metal coins until the Caligula __made__ Rome as the main location for the production of all denominations around 38 AD.

The original/traditional mint of Rome was situated next to(?) the temple of Juno Moneta on the Capitoline Hill. At some time between 70 AD and 100 AD it was moved to the Caelian Hill near the Colloseum.

Provincial mints[edit]

imperial vs. provincial, Ephesus

Late Empire[edit]

introduction of mint marks



Prepontis/Asia Minor[edit]

Syria/the Levant/Egypt[edit]


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