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My mission and in fact my current identity is represented by my Maya-Gaia website (begun in 1997)- a chronicle of my efforts to integrate a spontaneous transcendent experience, triggered by an ecstatic orgasm which I had back in 1970. At the time, I was almost completely naive regarding mystical, spiritual, metaphysical or paranormal phenomena of any kind, which turned out to be a critical factor in confirming its credibility. The experience was the start of my ongoing search for explanation and can best be shared by those with critical thinking temperaments that balance a healthy skepticism with an open mind as my itinerary through the disciplines of religion, metaphysics, and science is an intellectual minefield of controversy, contradiction and fantasy. My original pages featured an interpretation based on a synthesizing of Neo Vedic and Gaia theory concepts. In 2006 I renewed the scale and scope of my research into quantum science and Eastern mysticism and recognized my experience as a Nirvikalpa Samadhi with classical features recalled in rare detail. Starting with Cosmic Consciousness- is Science Closing In?-I've been adding pages concerning a range of scientific and metaphysical issues-quantum consciousness, Tantra, Samadhi, NDE, non-duality, gurus, revelations, free will, etc.- that I've interpreted from the perspectives of my Samadhi...not in any sense of assuming any psychic or siddhis insight, but purely in terms of my journey as my consciousness transformed from mystical duality to non-duality and back to phenomenal duality.