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Professional Interests[edit]

I probably won't be contributing much in these areas, since it would feel too much like work, but they will inform my attitudes in several respects.

Other Interests[edit]

Employment and Location[edit]

I retired from the US Department of Defense after 31 years of civilian service. I spent two years in Stuttgart and another two years living in Eltville.

I lived in Maryland for most of my adult life but have now moved back to Oklahoma.

Articles I would like to write[edit]

Others have done a better job than I could have done on all the topics I previously had listed here.

Why I'm a Wikipedian[edit]

Basically because of the manner in which an article was written about Jeffrey Vernon Merkey. The way in which the Wikipedia community handled such a controversial subject, in spite of Mr. Merkey's provocations and the actions of his more irresponsible critics, was very impressive.

As a result of watching how the community originally dealt with Merkey, I became interested in the actions of other vandals and largely restricted my activities to RC patrol and other vandal fighting actions.

As a result of later actions concerning Merkey, I have also become very interested in the Wikipedia power structure.

These days, I tend to be more an observer than a participant

Accounts on other sites[edit]

In the past, I have very rarely posted on the SCOX message board as "mediamangler" and, even more rarely, on Groklaw as "MediaMangler".

Signature quote[edit]

I've used the following as an Email signature for many years: "Life is just one long software upgrade."