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Motomooda, or the Mollinator as she prefers to be called by a select group of fellow trouble makers, is clearly Molly - as her friend Sarah has picked up due to her tumultous career editing Wikipedia pages.

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Early Life[edit]

As far as I know, her early life was pretty cool. She has an awesome family and a whole zoo of pets in her back yard. She was born in 1993 on a date that I really should know... During her first few years, she learnt to read (and write - to a certain extent... hehe), and she attended North Cott primary school [1].

Current Years[edit]

At the moment Molly attends a western suburbs school notorious for churning out some of the mischievous editors and contributers that Wikipedia has ever seen. She is seen around various people, most importantly the prodigious Sarah C, who even had her own Wikipedia page before it was so unreasonably deleted. In homage to her attempt at putting Sarah on Wikipedia, Sarah has done the same for Molly (in a far more logical manner...)

Her social behavior is often classed as a floater (see 'feces').

She is an excellent soccer player - her on-pitch name varies from 'The Mollinator' to Molly Daleos - and is well known for her ability to wind up the coach and team (and perform spectacular headers)

She also enjoys public speaking in her spare time, and has annihilated the competition at the annual Rostrum public speaking competition. She recently came second (tho Sarah reckons she should have come first), in the state finals.

She is a tireless community service addict, who has recently embarked on a pilgrimage to Cambodia, to help build houses for those living in poverty stricken areas, and has also devoted many of her waking hours to the Finding-Sarah-A-Boy appeal, which she herself initiated.

She admires her friend Sarah for her incredible ability to edit Wikipedia pages and make them look seriously awesome, like her own (User:Sarah chocoholic93). Sarah is responsible for the masterpiece that is this User Page. She is amazing. hehe.

Currently, Molly is researching for an up and coming movie role, and is off on the ancient rite of passage every humpback whale makes before turning into a llama. Did I mention it's a documentary - on building regulations?

Future Plans and Wikipedia Contributions[edit]

As far as I know, she plans to become a journalist - by the looks of her success on Wikipedia, this should be a fruitful and fulfilling career...

She also plans on writing proper articles and working on cleaning up vandalism on various pages. Isn't that right, Molly? Some of the pages she has in mind include:

  • Cambodia - in particular, the wildlife sections
  • Ben Cousins - in particular, his 'early years'
  • Hopefully, there are many more to come

She is currently working on a top secret, revolutionary page hidden on Wikipedia where no one can find it. It is the starting of a new era. Watch out... Mwhahahahaha. Have a nice day.

She is also going to send Sarah a copy of her Wikipedia page for future reference... right now.

Also - she is going to have to delete some userboxen (not userboxes...) because she has too many and needs to get rid of some if she wants her page to look nice and lined up. Otherwise someone is going to have to take drastic action...

Harry Potter[edit]

P Harry Potter.png

Molly is an unashamed fan and devotee of Harry Potter. She makes no secret of her admiration for the series, and its author, JK Rowling.

She reckons that Harry Potter is the world's second best book - next to the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld

She also has been known to say that she can watch the 5th movie infinite times, and never get sick of it - especially the part where all the death eaters walk up in masks. She has never been known to degrade the movies (ie, shouting out: 'Luke, I am your father...'), and admonishes anyone who does. She believes in a pleasant and enjoyable movie-going experience, and absolutely hates any one who talks too loud when she's trying to watch her movie.

On this note, she, like many others, is absolutely furious that HP has been moved to july and, along with her pet ferret, have launched a widespread movie-wrecking campaign.

You wait... you just wait warner bros... I'll make it a cinematic experience you'll never forget... sesame st jokes and all.


Ah - just for the fun of it - who doesn't love userboxen...? And they should be referred to as USERBOXEN. This is one of the most important and pressing issues of our time.

She also has way to many and should get rid of some.


Feel free to leave any comments here - or on her discussion page [2]