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About Me[edit]

Rockin' my shades

MyNameWasTaken, a.k.a Benjamin Tarsa, is the Marketing and Community Manager for Gamepedia, a video game Wiki Farm operated by Curse Inc. He has a Master's of Communication, Culture, and Technology from Georgetown University in Washington, DC. Previously a staff member at the Saylor Foundation (, he completed his first learning project on Wikiversity, Introduction to Statistical Analysis in 2012. MyNameWasTaken was a Wikipedia Campus Ambassador from August 2011 to May 2012.

His experience with Wikipedia includes the occasional fixing of typos, removal of minor additive vandalism, work patrolling new pages, and assisting students within the US Education Program create new pages for Wikipedia as part of courses at Georgetown. He also created and received his first DYK credit for Tamamushi shrine.

MyNameWasTaken is also an avid retro gamer and can currently be found playing Minecraft, NexusTK, and Slash'EM. He also enjoys a wide variety of 20th century games using DOSBox, his favorite of which is Jill of the Jungle. One of his first priorities on Wikipedia will be working with WikiProject: Video Games to improve articles for these games.

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Pongr (talk) - Regional Ambassador (DC)

Sadads (talk) - Regional Ambassador (MD/VA)


Kels.Bran (talk)

Pfancher (talk)

Sleuthwood (talk)

US Education Program Courses[edit]

Art & Terrorism Project for United States Education Program - Fall 2011

Communication Technology and Organizations - Spring 2012

Comm Tech and Organizations
Please Read This Before Messaging: Conversation Formatting Intro
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Campus Ambassador: MyNameWasTaken (talk · contribs)
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Referencing Guide Referencing for Beginners
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Don't forget about Office Hours, mine are Thursday 3-5 at CNLDS

Current Projects[edit]

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