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A short page, for the user Naereen (Lilian Besson). Hello.

I am a French PhD student in mathematics and computer science, pursuing my PhD at CentraleSupélec, in Rennes (France) (previously Supélec), and I am a former normalien student at ENS de Cachan between 2011 and 2016 (now called ENS Paris-Saclay). My PhD is about multi-players telecommunications models for the Internet of Things, and the design, analysis and use of decentralized decision-making algorithms (like Multi-armed_bandit, eg UCB) to improve the performances and capacities of IoT networks.

I love teaching, and this year I am giving tutorial sessions in theoretical computer science, at ENS de Rennes and at the ENSAI engineering school (2016/17). I was teaching mathematics and computer science at Lycée Lakanal in 2015/16 (oral exams in maths and practical sessions in Python in a MP prep' school), and during the whole 2014/15 year I was teaching in India at Mahindra École Centrale (Hyderabad).

I am also a passionate programmer, on my free time (little bit of OCaml, a lot of Python and Bash on Ubuntu, and a little bit of HTML/CSS/js for web stuffs). Cf. et

Feel free to contact me by email at : naereen[AT]crans[.]org (replace [AT] by @ and [.] by .).

On Wikipedia, I am mainly interested in the following subjects, in French and in English:

  • practical computer science: software, GNU/Linux tools, web technologies;
  • Cinema, and orchestral music from movies and video games;
  • maths: analysis, probabilities, numerical computing etc;
  • theoretical CS : algorithms, programming etc;
  • TV shows (USA, French, UK), animé (Japan);

You can also find me elsewhere on the web: