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Michael Kovrig in 2019
Michael Kovrig


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In-page interlanguage links[edit]

To make an interlanguage link in-page, prefix a colon (e.g. [[:en:wiki|wiki]]). This can e.g. be useful to link to a page in another language if no local version is available. See also some example templates for conveniently making such links:

  • {{nli|n}} - explicit "see" or "see also"
  • {{nlil|e|n}} - for linking to both en and nl
  • {{nlii|e|n}} - for linking to both en and nl, film etc.
  • {{nlis|n}} - just an nl-link relating to the text in front, but further independent of any text
  • {{nlinl|e|n}} - convenient if name the same on en and nl and for switching to and from nlil


  • e {{nlis|n}} gives e {{nlis|n}}
  • {{nlinl|e|n}} gives {{nlinl|e|n}}