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The ISTTOK Tokamak ("Instituto Superio Técnico Tokamak") is a research fusion reactor (tokamak) of the Instituto Superior Técnico. ISTTOK is a tokamak with a circular cross-section, a poloidal graphite limiter and an iron core transformer. Its particularity is that its one of the few tokamaks operating in AC (alternating plasma current) regime, as well in DC regime.

This magnetic confinement experiment has been built from some components of the ex-tokamak TORTUR (supporting structure, vacuum chamber, copper shell, transformer, toroidal magnetic field coils, radio-frequency generator, and capacitor banks) which was de-commissioned by the Association EURATOM/FOM in 1988. The other components of the tokamak, as well as its diagnostics and control and data acquisition system, were designed and constructed by physicists, engineers and technicians of the Association EURATOM/IST. The ISTTOK construction started, officially, on January 1st, 1990, date on which the contract of association EURATOM/IST enters into force. The operation of this experiment in an inductive regime started on February 1991


  • Minor radius: 0.085 metre
  • Major radius: 0.46 metre
  • Plasma current: ~7kA kiloAmperes
  • Plasma life span: 30ms/100ms (DC/AC)
  • Maximum toroidal magnetic field: 2.8 Tesla
  • Nominal toroidal magnetic field: 0.3-0.6 Tesla

Main objectives[edit]

The objectives of the Project Tokamak ISTTOK are:

  • Creation of an experimental pole for fusion plasmas in an academic environment;
  • Formation and training of personnel in physics, engineering and technologies associated with nuclear fusion;
  • Development of new diagnostic techniques and test of digital instrumentation dedicated to control and data acquisition;
  • Realization of a programme of plasma physics studies based on the operation of a tokamak in an alternate plasma current regime and on the influence of electric and magnetic external signals on plasma confinement and stability.

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