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"I hate changes," cried Pat, almost in tears.

This is a quote from my favorite novel, Pat of Silver Bush, by L. M. Montgomery (see here). Well, though changes aren't exactly my favorite thing, if I hated them that much, how could I like this Wiki'ish place? :)

Please leave something in my user talk page if you can. Even a "Been here" is welcome, but constructive criticism is even better.


I'm a graduate student on communications from Shanghai, PRC. Born in 1984. Aside from my research work, I'm interested in computer software (especially free software and digital freedom), juvenile literature (such as those by L. M. Montgomery), and all kinds of science in general, for example physiology, physics and economics. I'm fluent in Chinese and English, and I'm also learning a bit of Latin, but it is still below la-1 level.

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