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Gogoyoko is a social networking music website and an online music store where artists and music fans can interact and transact. Artists and record labels sell their music and make it available for listening via streaming. Its main idea is for artists to sell and distribute their music, without having to go through a record label or digital aggregators.

Gogoyoko launched in closed Alpha test mode on November 15 2008 and plans to go public in March 2009. [1]


Gogoyoko was founded in Reykjavik, Iceland, in November 2007 by musicians Haukur Magnússon and Pétur Einarsson - hence Gogoyko's own claim that its "made by artists for artists". [2]. Reynir Harðarson, one of the founders of CCP Games and the original art director of the massively multiplayer online game Eve Online, is also a founding member of the company and one of its owners. Their headquarters are located in the Reykjavik suburb of Árbær, with staff located there and in New Delhi, München and Oslo. [3]

According to the Gogoyoko official website, the founders were not happy with the current system of how music in digital format is being sold and distributed. [4]. Their goal with Gogoyok is to create a new and different platform for artists and record labels to promote and sell their music online, without having to go through a middleman, and give music fans the chance to buy their music straight from the source [5].

"After years of experience from selling their music in the US, UK and mainland Europe - seeing most of the money of the transaction being swallowed by middlemen - a group of artists and an owner of a small label was led to create what they saw as a dream platform to enter the global market. Where they would not only get exposure and be in contact with their fans, but also receive a fair share of the music sales and streaming of their music. [6]"

On November 15th Gogoyoko launched its Alpha test mode, and will officially open in 2009 [7].

Fair play[edit]

Gogoyoko claims to be providing artists and record labels with a greater control of their work in the digital age and a "ground-breaking revenue split" when selling their digital music online [8]. Despite claiming that they will not be taking commission from the sales, no information has yet been made available on what percentage the transaction and legal fees will be for artists and right holders of music [9]. It has been announced that the company will share 40% of advertisement revenues made from their website with artists and copyright holders of the music [10].

Gogoyoko uses the slogan "Finally...fair play in music" and that it's "made by artists for artists" [11]. Gogoyoko is not the only formation in the music scene to use the term "fair play". The recently established Feature Artists Coalition, which members include Radiohead, Kate Nash, Iron Maiden and Kaiser Chiefs, has issued a whole campaign based on the "fair play" concept.

"We want all artists to have more control of their music and a much fairer share of the profits it generates in the digital age. We speak with one voice to help artists strike a new bargain with record companies, digital distributors and others, and are campaigning for specific changes. [12]"

Ralph Simon, CEO of the Mobilium Advisory Group and co-founder of the Zomba group and Jive Records , made notice of Gogoyoko after his visit to Iceland in October 2008 in an article on his MidemNet blog, Hot Topics in Iceland at You Are in Control Conference. [13]

Music shop[edit]

Artist and record labels will be able to sell their music on Gogoyoko through their customized music store and a player that can embedded to other sites on the Internet, such as a blog. Artists and labels decide the price of songs and albums - and can give them away for free if the choose to do so. Artists and labels should be able to monitor sales and streams of their music in real time via an online tool called the "Gogoyoko Bank". Payout to artists and labels is every 3 months. [14]

Social networking[edit]

Apart from being a music store, Gogoyoko is also a social network platform where music fans, music professionals, artists and record labels can make their online profile and interact. Among the features the page will provide its users is sharing their view on music by rating, reviewing songs and albums, writing blogs and getting your articles published in Gogoyoko magazine <[15].

According to the website, users will also be given a chance to discover new music and dig "deep into music based on your taste, genres, countries, release dates etc. and find music shows in their hometown or elsewhere; Find concerts festival and tour dates via the "global music map" where the user can search by country, city, genre and date" and "explore the music world in a new way."[16]


Gogoyoko company's statement pledge to donate 10% of all advertisement revenues to charity and environmental organizations. Artists and record labels will also be given a choice to donate 10% of their earnings to charity. However, it has yet to be announced which organizations these will be. Other registered users and browsers will be able to donate directly. [17]

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