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Raven Morris was born in a small log cabin roughly three kilometers outside of the small town of Port Clements, located on Haida Gwaii/Queen Charlotte Islands which is off the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada. The name "Raven" was chosen due to an actual raven flying around the meadow outside the cabin at the time of birth.

Raven has been a fan of Wikipedia for many years, making many small and medium sized contributions anonymously, but eventually registered for an account in 2007.

Raven believes very strongly in the ideals of sustainable resources, environmentalism, organic food, physical health, ethical business practices, the Free Software Foundation, the open source movement, and stopping corporate globalisation. Raven has used the GNU/Linux operating system since 2000, both as a multiseat desktop and as a server, after growing frustrations over stability issues when trying to keep Microsoft Windows 98 running overnight running an IRC server for a group of online friends.