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Crystal Clear app date.png Today is 22 June 2018

Hi, I'm Richard and I've been editing Wikipedia pages since 7th October 2005. I've recently left Trinity College, Cambridge, where I was initially doing a degree in mathematics and specialised for my 3rd year in astrophysics. My main interests are

  • astronomy
  • golf
  • rowing
  • transport/driving issues in the UK
  • local issues to the Manchester or Cambridge areas

Major Contributions[edit]


I've created two requested articles, Solar eclipses on Pluto and Solar eclipses on Jupiter, added SN 2005bc, added images to several pages, and edited the text of quite a few.


I've been undertaking a mini-project regarding the Cambridge University Lent Bumps and May Bumps.

  • Adding pages for most of the college boat clubs that didn't already have a page (still one or two to do)
  • Adding a new template for constructing bumps charts (which are convenient ways of displaying results of the races)
  • Adding new pages for the races from 1998 to present, largely using the new template.