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Hello, my name is Paulr on the french wikipedia. Disclaimer as recomended on Wikipedia:Conflict of interest, I should mention that I currently work for the INRA.

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Useful wikis: de.wiktionary, en.wiktionary... Wikipedia:WikiProject Alternative Views A subpage on User:Rougieux/risk engineering While trying to write balanced articles, it is hard to avoid undue weight.

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I am interested by Symbiosis, Conservation status of species, Biodiversity Action Plan.

Why is it important? In the Harvard Negotiation project, one of the method is called: "Generate a variety of possibilities before deciding what to do". Nature generates biodiversity, thus it can "make" suitable organisms, if one considers an organism as an hypothesis. It keeps all sorts of running processes at life, that might be successful possibilities in the future. (citation needed, LOL) Human beings tent to reduce this diversity for productivity reasons, 2 examples:

  • The Holstein (cattle) for example represents most of the cows producing milk in Europe, whereas there is a huge variety of Cattle.
  • Spruce forests represents a great part of the forest area in Europe, it was favoured by forest owners and government agencies because its rate of growth is very high and its wood finds many uses in the industry. Although there are a lot of other trees that are often better adapted to the soil where it is planted.

Now call me stupid : diversity is costly, why would companies want to maintain Biodiversity?

  • It is said that diseases spread easily in a pool of animals that have similar genes and are of similar constitution. (got an example???)
  • The great storm of 1999 was a disaster in spruce plantations in France. On clay soils, Spruce tend to build up a surface root system only, which is more vulnerable to strong winds than the deep seated root systems. It is said that a more diversified forest resist better, because stronger species of trees can break up the power off the wind.

As part of a risk mitigation process, it is important for farmers, forest owners, industrial and authorities to realize that biodiversity is an investment in the resistance to climate change, it is a advantage for disease combat, they should not see it as a futile burden but as a pool of future answers to nature's instability.

  • Potato crops are one of the most prominent vegetables cultivated worldwide. Potato diseases like fungi create millions of euros in damage each year. I recently saw a German program about traditional potato farmers in Peru. They cultivate many variaties side by side on one field. If one variety gets a disease or is not resistent to a drought, other varieties will compensate. The next year if there is a very humid weather, or a different disease, other varieties will have higher yields. Diversity gives a form of security in the potato supply.


Regular expression


Multiples of bits
Value SI
1000 103 kbit kilobit
10002 106 Mbit megabit
10003 109 Gbit gigabit
10004 1012 Tbit terabit
10005 1015 Pbit petabit
10006 1018 Ebit exabit
10007 1021 Zbit zettabit
10008 1024 Ybit yottabit
1024 210 Kibit kibibit Kbit kilobit
10242 220 Mibit mebibit Mbit megabit
10243 230 Gibit gibibit Gbit gigabit
10244 240 Tibit tebibit -
10245 250 Pibit pebibit -
10246 260 Eibit exbibit -
10247 270 Zibit zebibit -
10248 280 Yibit yobibit -



Burning Man, Fusion Festival, au fond du jardin du michel


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