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List of victims of Nazism

Royalty and nobility[edit]

Name Lifespan Nationality Achievements Cause of Death
Princess Mafalda of Savoy 1902–1944, aged 41, Buchenwald Italian Daughter of Victor Emmanuel III of Italy Wounds suffered from allied bombs
René Blum 1878–1942, Auschwitz French founder of the Ballet de l'Opéra à Monte Carlo
Ernst Arndt 1861-1942/3, Treblinka German writer and poet
Maria Bard 1900–1944, Berlin German actress suicide
Lisl Frank 1911–1944, Christianstadt Czech performer, dancer, cabaret singer forced death march
Kurt Gerron 1897–1944, Auschwitz German performer, actor, film director gas chamber
Dora Gerson 1899–1943, Auschwitz German actress, cabaret singer
Joachim Gottschalk 1904–1941, Berlin German actor suicide
Leslie Howard (actor) 1893–1943, airplane shot down by Luftwaffe British actor plane crash
Joseph Schmidt 1904–1942, Gyrenbad Ukrainian singer, actor heart attack
Miklós Vig 1898–1944, shot into Danube River, Budapest Hungarian singer, actor, comedian, theater secretary gunshot wound
Karel Hašler 1879–1941, murdered in Mauthausen Czech songwriter, actor, lyricist, film and theatre director, composer, writer, dramatist, screenwriter and cabaretier put into a cold shower until death

List of Holocaust survivors



Name Birth (age) Sex Country
Prince Amedeo, Duke of Aosta M 27 September 1943  Italy
Burgenthal, Thomas M 11 May 1934 (83)  Czech Republic


Name Sex Birth Death (age) Country
Princess Irene of Greece and Denmark F 13 February 1904 15 April 1974 (70)  Greece
Prince Aimone, Duke of Aosta M 9 March 1900 29 January 1948 (47)  Italy
- M 27 September 1943 4 April 1980 (94)  Italy
Wahl, Jean M 15 May 1888 1974 (86)  France
Sendler, Irena F 15 February 1910 12 May 2008 (98)  Poland

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