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Website Address Alexa
United States Heck Of A Guy [1]
United Kingdom A day at the hop farm | Leonard Cohen Live 2012 [2]
Italy Sincerely, L. Cohen
United States Blue Alert [3]
United States Leonard Cohen's Book of Longing [4]
Canada Cohen Event
Italy Cohen in italiano
Poland Leonard Norman Cohen
LC - I'm Your Live Man - Leonard Cohen Concerts & Live Recordings Catalogue [5]
Russia Current Cohen [1] [6]
Russia COHENSCOPE: Leonard Cohen Search Engine [7]
United States Dear Heather - Leonard Cohen [8]
United States DrHGuy - On Life, Love, Lust, & Leonard Cohen [9]
Leonard Cohen Facebook Page
Leonard Cohen Newswire
Switzerland Leonard Cohen schwiizerdüütsch
Discussions - | Google Groups
Netherlands I Can't Forget [10]
Turkey leonard cohen - itü sözlük
United Kingdom Cohen Scrapbook [11]
Australia A Time Capsule of Leonard Cohen's 2010 Tour of Australia and New Zealand [12]
China Tower of Song - 博客大巴
United Kingdom - the UK fan site. [13]
Canada The Official Leonard Cohen Site [14] Sony Music Canada
Germany Christof Graf’s - leonard cohen . de - the Cohenpedia - Websites [15]
Germany Songtexte von Leonard Cohen
Hungary Leonard
Lithuania [16]
Iran Leonard Cohen [17]
Poland Leonard Cohen .PL [18]
Russia Леонард Коэн (Leonard Cohen) [19]
Russia Leonard Cohen - Russian Edition [20]
United States Notes From The Road [21]
United Kingdom Leonard Cohen Bird On a Wire DVD [22]
United Kingdom Leonard Cohen Cafe [23]
Croatia A Thousand Kisses Deep [24]
United States Leonard Cohen Event 2012 [25]
Finland The Leonard Cohen Files [26]
Finland The Leonard Cohen Forum [27]
France Leonard Cohen France [28]
United States Leonard Cohen | Halls of Fame [29]
Belgium Leonard Cohen - Old Ideas World Tour - World Première [30]
United Kingdom Leonard Cohen Music [31]
Canada Leonard Cohen Nights Official Site [32]
France Diamonds in the Lines: Leonard Cohen in his own words [2] Team of
United States LeonardCohenSearch [33]
France Leonard Cohen - Site francophone (French Leonard Cohen site) [34]
United States The Legend - A Tribute to Leonard Cohen [35]
United Kingdom Leonard Cohen - Lonesome Heroes [36]
Belgium Maarten Massa [37]
United Kingdom Leonard Cohen Music and Merchandise Store - MAM Online Store
Canada Hippy's Boots [38]
United States Leonard Cohen Global Store
Leonard Cohen | Free Music, Tour Dates, Photos, Videos
United States Arlene's Leonard Cohen Scrapbook [39]
Spain Leonard Cohen en català | Leonard Cohen fan's collection
Reverend Cohen [40]
China Leonard Cohen的小站
| So Leonard Cohen ... in real time | SoCelebrities [41]
leonardcohen's sounds on SoundCloud
United States Today's Cohen [42]
United States Leonard Cohen Merch Store
Germany TEA AND ORANGES - A Beautiful Losers Site [43]
United Kingdom Leonard Cohen on film, video and television - Diamonds In The Mine [44]
Spain UNED - Exposición virtual Leonard Cohen UNED Centro Asociado de Asturias
Old Ideas With New Friends on Vimeo
Chat by | #cohenfans
Germany a Privat Leonard Cohen Site by K.E. [45]
United States WebHeights.Net [3] [46]
The Leonard Cohen WebRing
United States UHTC Crew Appreciation Project [47]
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    Do I Have to Dance This Year -
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Alexa rank from 1,000,001 to 30,000,000
Information on Old Ideas and other 2012 news

YouTube Channels[edit]

Channel Title Address Alexa
Croatia a1000kissesdeep a1000kissesdeep [48]
United States ALB123Videos Leonard Cohen/Pink Floyd Fan Page [49]
Republic of Ireland albertnoonan Leonard Cohen Tour 2008-2010 [50]
United States arlenedick15 [51]
United States bridgebud [52]
United States CohenWorldTour Cohen World Tour 2008-2010 [53]
Denmark coolcohen100 [54]
Spain discmedicohen Leonard Cohen [55]
United States DrHGuy DrHGuy Presents Leonard Cohen & More [56]
Republic of Ireland fanLCfan [57]
Canada LeonardCohen Leonard Cohen [58]
United States LeonardCohenVEVO Leonard Cohen [59]
Belgium MaartenLC MaartenLC [60]
United Kingdom messalina79 [61]
United States speakingcohen SpeakingCohen [62]
United Kingdom sqezekid Leonard Cohen and Others [63]
United States sturgess66 [64]