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In response to previous vandalisms of this page (by a user or users who shall remain unnamed |<cough>| Wham Bam Rock II |<cough>|) and in accordance with the Wikipædia's policy regarding user pages, all previous content for this page has been deleted by its creator (me, Sherlockian87).

As a user new to the Wikipædia, I have a sincere desire to avoid rocking the boat, hence my deletion of the previous content for this page (which was quite funny, I recommend you read it in the history for a good laugh, provided you're neither a Republican, Christian, Pagan, or Herman Cain, because you'll likely be offended). However, I will say that my interests include history, education, and logic. (Quite literally, my favorite page on the Wikipædia is the List of paradoxes, which I recommend you check out, as long as you're willing to bend your mind. My favorite is Zeno's paradox, and Diogenes the Cynic's response to it. Good times.)

Anyway, I have no talent for computer programming, which is why this page looks as dull as it does, and why my membership with the Wikipædia is so strange. Perhaps I'll have one of my technically gifted friends design a page for me. (I doubt it though.)



PS: Should you have any questions, just leave them here or contact me (however you do that on the Wikipædia, I'll have to figure that out . . .) and I'll respond as soon as I can. I have to say, though, I don't have all the answers, just the vast majority of them.

Here's a little experiment in page design by the entirely uneducated Sherlockian87:

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